We assure the quality of your products and contribute to the company cost reduction by preventing/reducing line disruptions, scrap, overtime, increase manpower, special freights and line side inventory.  
Select, separate and classify components that do not meet customer requirements by:
  • Methods and visual inspections (appearance, cosmetic, sizes)
  • Go-no-Go inspections
  • Electrical inspections (Multimeter, Ammeter)
  • Dimensional Inspections (caliper, micrometer), etc
Rework of defective/damaged products to adjust them and make them meet customer quality requirements.
Recover components from finished goods or sub-assemblies, recovering usable parts  
Provide qualified manpower, competitive costs and functional facilities to perform assembly and sub-assembly processes complying with specifications and customer requirements.  

The packaging services include:

  • Inspections to components
  • Packing and labeling
  • Records for identification and product tractability

We offer a total material management from the time the product leaves the customer facility, until it is required by them as certified material.  We provide our warehouses to stack the material, reducing customer inventory, optimizing spaces at customer inventory, optimizing spaces at customer facilities, reducing manpower for material handling.  

As part of our warehousing service, we stock scrap material until customer disposition is given.  
To complement our warehousing service, we transport the material from customers facilities to our warehouses, and when is required by customer the material is shipped in partial or total quantities  
Sortech as a sequencer offers the integration of our services (inspections, packaging, warehousing and distribution ) for the assembly or sub-assembly of products
We offer our representation with your customer or prospects, offering service.  
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